Agrochola Hübner, [1821]
Subgenus Agrochola
  • Subgenus Agrochola (Agrochola); [NE5]
Subgenus Alpichola Ronkay, 1984
  • Subgenus Alpichola (Agrochola); [NE5]
Subgenus Anchoscelis Guenée, 1839
  • Anchocelis[sic, Anchoscelis]; Stephens, 1850
  • Anthocelis[sic, Anchoscelis]; auth.
  • Subgenus Anchoscelis (Agrochola); [NE5], 70
The nitida species-group
The humilis species-group
The rupicapra species-group
The kindermanni species-group
The litura species-group
The gratiosa species-group
The helvola species-group
The approximata species-group
Subgenus Leptologia Prout, 1901
  • Subgenus Leptologia (Agrochola); [NE5]
The lota species-group
The macilenta species-group
Subgenus Haemachola Beck, 1991
  • Subgenus Haemachola (Agrochola); [NE5]
Subgenus Sunira Franclemont, 1950
  • Rusina Stephens, 1829; Hampson, 1906, (Sunira)
Subgenus Propenistra Berio, 1980
  • Subgenus Propenistra (Agrochola); [NE5]
Subgenus Frivaldszkyola Ronkay, 1984
  • Frivaldszkyola Ronkay, 1984; Cerastis mansueta, Herrich-Schäffer
  • Subgenus Frivaldszkyola (Agrochola); [NE5]
  • ; [NE5], 71 (undescribed)
The flavirena species-group
The albirena species-group
The semirena species-group
  • Agrochola (s.l.); [NE5], 71 (unassociated)
The vulpecula species-group
The evelina species-group
The disrupta species-group

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