Eilema Hübner, [1819]
  • Piesta; auct.
  • Lithosia Fabricius, 1798;

In following, the "Subgenus" is just used as temporary grouping of species, not yet fully ready tofollow the split as suggested byDubatolov & Zolotuhin, 2011, Euroasian Ent. J. 10 (34): (367-380) , until I know better what to with the rest of the current Eilema species.

Subgenus Eilema Hübner, [1819]
Subgenus Collita Moore, 1878
Subgenus Wittia de Freina, 1980
Subgenus Manulea Wallengren, 1863
The complana species-group
The pygmaeola species-group
The lutarella species-group
The minor species-group
Subgenus Agenjoa Dubatolov & Zolotuhin, 2011
  • Agenjoa Dubatolov & Zolotuhin, 2011; Euroasian Ent. J. 10 (34): 372 (repl. Colinia Agenjo, 1977); TS: Lithosia lurideola Zincken
  • Colinia Agenjo, 1977; Graellsia 32: (nec Cossman, 1906, nec Nuttall, 1832) ; TS: Lithosia lurideola Zincken
Subgenus Muscula Koçak, 1991

Unknown or unplaced taxa

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