All (in this database) Crustacea list (Scientific names)

This list is mainly based on CruL, containing a tentative list of species recordedfrom Finland.

Anostraca (Crustacea)

Notostraca (Crustacea)

Conchostraca (Crustacea)

Cladocera (Crustacea)

Podocopa (Crustacea)

Calanoida (Crustacea)

Harpacticoida (Crustacea)

Cyclopoida (Crustacea)

Poecilostomatoida (Crustacea)

Siphonostomatoida (Crustacea)

Argulidae Müller, 1785 (Crustacea)

Thoracica (Crustacea)

Mysidacea (Crustacea)

Cumacea (Crustacea)

Isopoda (Crustacea)

Amphipoda (Crustacea)

Decapoda (Crustacea)

Silfverberg, 1999
A provisional list of Finnish Crustacea; Memoranda Soc. Fauna Flora Fennica 75: 15-37

Markku Savela