Eupatorium L. Thoroughwort Punalatvat

Foodplants for Actinote mantiqueira, A. pellenea calymna, A. pratensis, A. pyrrha pyrrha, A. surima perisa, Agonopterix atrodorsella, A. eupatoriiella, Coleophora trochilella, Dichomeris setosella, D. washingtoniella, Endoclita gmelina, Haploa clymene, Hecatera bicolorata, Melanis electron auriferax, Orthonama obstipata, Ostrinia obumbratalis, Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata, Synchlora aerata aerata, Udea ferrugalis

The Eupatorium species-group
The Conoclinium DC. species-group

Unmatched external taxa

10.12.2012 (20)


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