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Latex Make File

Newsgroups: comp.text.tex

> Does somebody has written a generic make file for tex -> dvi -> ps

> (pdf, html...) and 'make clean'?


> I'm planing to write one myself, but I think I'd better ask
> first. Somebody can share his/her copy of makefile? Thanks!

No answer for about a week. Ok, ahead I will go.

but first, sometime the latex should be run twice, (or 3rd time?), correct? Can I tell it from the return code of the latex?

How can I tell when to launch the bibtex? ...


Latex Make File

Somewhere -- I have no idea where, now -- I came across a Makefile for LaTeX. The name at the top of it is Stefan van den Oord, who seems to have been a student in the Netherlands. I've slightly modified it [...]

I can't seem to find this file anywhere on the web any more (after a cursory search with google), so I'll include it here... warning, it's a bit long (~330 lines) [...]

Mary Ellen Foster

Latex Make File

The problem I found about this 330 lines makefile is that it is still not smart enough to handle all problems like references, citations, indexes, etc...


Latex Make File

For a full coverage of Makefile for latex, please refer to